If solders of Marriage gathered
Love would be one of them
Patience with Endurance amongst them would be
Gentleness with Respect hand in glove

Battle well planned that day
Divorce the enemy of Marriage it is
Pride accompanied Divorce to war
Lust hand in glove with Adultery
Fierce battle to be engaged on

Marriage with Boldness entered the battle
Holiness encouraged Marriage that day
Covenant well armed with Righteousness
Agreement well armed to defend
Purity in the front line stood
Divorce enraged to fight Marriage

Divorce was reminded that Marriage was there first
Divorce with Sin hand in glove stood
Defile and Despair also came by
Despair and Death ready for destruction

Marriage in Eden first began
Adam a man not born of a woman
Married Eve his wife in Eden
First man to marry a woman
Marriage was there before Divorce came by

Jesus alone fought and conquered
Satan the owner of sin the owner of Divorce
So Divorce a defeated foe he is
For Marriage from God originated
Marriage will triumph finally in Heaven
The Marriage of the Church with Jesus Christ the Bridegroom