Villanelle At Sundown Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Turn your head Look The light is turning yellowA
The river seems enriched thereby not to say deepenedB
Why this is I'll never be able to tell youC
Or are Americans half in love with failureD
One used to say so reading Fitzgerald as it happenedB
That Viking Portable all water spotted and yellowA
remember Or does mere distance lend a valueC
to things false it may be but the view is hardly cheapenedB
Why this is I'll never be able to tell youC
The smoke those tiny cars the whole urban millieuC
One can like anything diminishment has sharpenedB
Our painter friend Lang might show the whole thing yellowC
and not be much off It's nuance that counts not colorD
As in some late James novel saved up for the long weekendE
and vivid with all the Master simply won't tell youC
How frail our generation has got how sallowC
and pinched with just surviving We all go off the deep endE
finally gold beaten thinly out to yellowC
And why this is I'll never be able to tell youC

Donald Justice


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