Who is Donald Justice

Donald Rodney Justice (August 12, 1925 – August 6, 2004) was an American teacher of writing and poet who won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1980.

In summing up Justice's career, David Orr wrote, "In most ways, Justice was no different from any number of solid, quiet older writers devoted to traditional short poems. But he was different in one important sense: sometimes his poems weren't just good; they were great. They were great in the way that Elizabeth Bishop's poems were great, or Thom Gunn's or Philip Larkin's. They were great in the way that tells us what poetry used to be, and is, and will be."

Life and career

Justice grew up in Miami, Florida and earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Miami in 1945. He received an MA from the Univer...
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Donald Justice Poems

  • Men At Forty
    Men at forty
    Learn to close softly
    The doors to rooms they will not be
    Coming back to...
  • On The Death Of Friends In Childhood
    We shall not ever meet them bearded in heaven
    Nor sunning themselves among the bald of hell;
    If anywhere, in the deserted schoolyard at twilight,
    forming a ring, perhaps, or joining hands ...
  • The Tourist From Syracuse
    One of those men who can be a car salesman or a tourist from Syracuse or a hired assassin.
    -- John D. MacDonald

    You would not recognize me. ...
  • Love's Stratagems
    All these maneuverings to avoid
    The touching of hands,
    These shifts to keep the eyes employed
    On objects more or less neutral ...
  • Bus Stop
    Lights are burning
    In quiet rooms
    Where lives go on
    Resembling ours. ...
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Dark 10 Long 7 Time 7 Rain 6 I Love You 6 Sad 6 Love 6 White 6 Light 6 Remember 6

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