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Cernovich: - Neal had been released after earning so-called "good time credit" as part of a bipartisan criminal justice overhaul known as the First Step Act that was signed into law by former President Donald Trump.

ProjectLincoln: “When they go after me, they're going after you." Trump used Waco as a presidential podium to attack the DOJ claiming that what's happening to him is all politically motivated. The truth is the justice system isn't targeting a political opponent. They're targeting a criminal.

drchisholm: Ginny Thomas rears her ugly head again. Incredibly, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, in the United States is spouting far right wing conspiracy theories, again, in support of Donald Trump, while her husband supports far right wing matters that come before him!

BrianKarem: “…This picture depicting you taking a bat to your prosecutor equals a threat to another and Donald Trump should be prosecuted both locally in New York and federally, because justice matters,” Kirschner said.

RobParfitt2: Donald J. Trump & J6 Prison Choir’s ‘Justice for All’ Debuts at No. 1 on Digital Song Sales Chart

LestWeF47258467: March 4, 2017 - Without evidence, Donald Trump falsely accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower before the election. Trump levied the accusation in a Twitter storm that began at 6:30am. President Trump's own Department of Justice released a statement in September

NBC10Boston: A federal judge has ruled that former Vice President Mike Pence will have to testify before a grand jury in the Justice Department's investigation into efforts by former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

MSNBC: Asha Rangappa: Donald Trump is savvy about keeping himself at arm’s length from evidence tying him to criminal activity, often using his lawyers as a shield. But a major breakthrough for the Justice Dept. could be a fatal blow for "Teflon Don."

hateGOP: At his weekend rally in Waco, Texas, former President Donald Trump played a recording of “Justice for All,” reportedly performed by “Donald J. Trump and the J6 Choir.” The audio file was accompanied by video of rioters storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

WSPA7: A federal judge has ruled that former Vice President Mike Pence will have to testify before a grand jury in the Justice Department's investigation into efforts by former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

William09126812: I would highly recommend Revenge by Michael

pbump: How the event began: "Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and place your hand over your heart for the number one song on iTunes, Amazon and the Billboard charts: Justice for All, featuring President Donald J. Trump and the J6 choir!"

washingtonpost: Former vice president Mike Pence must appear before a grand jury and answer some questions for the Justice Department’s probe of former president Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, according to people familiar with the matter.

nowthisnews: 'We believe that the evidence … assembled throughout our hearings warrants criminal referral of former President Donald J. Trump.' Here’s the moment Rep. Jamie Raskin revealed the House Jan 6 committee’s criminal referrals to the Justice Department.

RichardFausset: Donald J. Trump & J6 Prison Choir’s ‘Justice for All’ Debuts at No. 1 on Digital Song Sales Chart

realNachawati: "I think Islam hates us" — Donald Trump "They hate us for our freedom" — George W. Bush "Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a new world order — can emerge: a new era — freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice..." — George H. W. Bush

YangJinChun1: Yoon Suk-yeol and his justice minister Han Dong-hoon have lifelong experience and knowledge on how to abuse prosecutorial power and discretion and politicize law enforcement for their political purposes, which are exactly what Donald Trump and his lawyers need this time around.

speknmymind: what a freaking joke Justice For All Ft. Donald J. Trump & J6 Prison Choir (Official Music Vi...

UneasyAMERICAN3: Check out Justice for All by Donald J. Trump & J6 Prison Choir on Amazon Music

BettyBowers: Meanwhile, back in the real world . . . The only reason Donald Trump *is* on the ballot is because he thought that would protect him from indictments arising from his crimes. And here is Jim Jordan trying to help with that scheme to sidestep justice.

CensoredMen: Donald Trump holds his open rally in Waco, Texas and plays J6 Prison Choir song “Justice for all”.

MichaelGerner3: Justice For All Ft. Donald J. Trump & J6 Prison Choir (Official Music Vi...

JoyceWhiteVance: 1/Trump's Waco rally celebrated his connection to criminals who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6: "Ladies& gentlemen, please rise & place your hand over your heart for the number one song..Justice for All, featuring President Donald J. Trump and the J6 choir.”

asclepiasyriaca: Republicans at the Superbowl: "There's only one National Anthem!" Republicans now: "Ladies& gentlemen, please rise & place your hand over your heart for the number one song...'Justice for All' featuring President Donald J. Trump and the J6 Choir.”

TonyHussein4: AG Merrick Garland, finish the job. We have insurrectionists in Congress who aided former President Donald Trump's coup conspiracy. Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Thomas, emailed 29 Republicans in Arizona in her effort to overturn Joe Biden’s victory over Donald J. Trump.

gradie98: Trump vows retribution at Waco rally: “I am your warrior, I am your justice”

Mtomson2: President Donald Trump plays J6 Prison Choir song "Justice for All"

dctblackwell: Trump vows retribution at Waco rally: “I am your warrior, I am your justice”

nytimes: Donald Trump on Saturday spent much of his first major political rally of the 2024 campaign discussing his legal jeopardy rather than his vision for a second term, casting himself as a victim of "weaponization" of the justice system.

45Dol24: President Donald Trump plays J6 Prison Choir song "Justice for All"

LanceFerm: Unequal justice in Amerika.

Prison_Health: An Associated Press review of dozens of legal filings shows that President Joe Biden’s Justice Department is fighting just as vigorously as Donald Trump's did to uphold death row inmates' sentences, despite Biden's opposition to capital punishment

SethAbramson: ICYMI: Department of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith Is Building a “Possible Conspiracy Case” Against Donald Trump, a Federal Charge Consistent with Two-Plus Years of January 6 Reporting at PROOF

TheMarySue: Well, well, well, it looks like the party of police domination and “justice” at any cost is looking to do a bit of defunding themselves as Donald Trump is looking down the barrel of an upcoming indictment from the federal court in Manhattan, NY.

TexasTribune: Former president Donald Trump used his nearly 90-minute speech to frame himself as a victim of politicized legal investigations and to focus on his perceived political enemies. “...For those who have been wronged and betrayed … I am your retribution."

Acyn: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise and place your hand over your heart for the number one song on iTunes, Amazon, and the Billboard charts. Justice for all featuring president Donald J. Trump and the J six choir”

gggirl924: When they’re listing on TV all of Donald upcoming charges, why do they never mention the Jean Carroll one? I hope she finally gets justice because she has been fighting this forever.

RealMacReport: Donald Trump: "I'm your voice, I'm your warrior, I'm your justice and I'm your retribution."

Artazen72: This is weaponizing the government to squash investigations into Republican criminals, Specifically, Donald J. Trump. Gym and the others are committing obstruction of justice right in our faces.

Realsamosky: The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau, SAN, has called for the live broadcast of the proceedings of the 2023 Presidential Election Petition Tribunal in the interest of openness, justice, transparency and trust. Rufai "Donald Duke" "Sunday

TonyHussein4: AG Merrick Garland, Special Counsel Jack Smith & the DOJ, are moving at lightning speed now to hold former President Donald Trump and his insurrectionist Republican allies accountable. Their successes in the courts, signal the Department of Justice's strong commitment to justice.

NEWSMAX: WATCH: The hit song "Justice for All" is performed at the Trump "Make America Great Again" rally in Waco, Texas. Former President Donald Trump reacts to the song. "That song tells you a lot because it's number one in every single category." MORE:

realLizUSA: “The weaponization of our justice system is not, as some have called it, a political spectacle. This is the central issue of our time.” - President Donald J. Trump

evanvucci: As footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol is displayed in the background, former President Donald Trump stands while a song, “Justice for All,” is played during a campaign rally at Waco Regional Airport, Saturday, March 25, 2023, in Waco, Texas.

robertjunebug: Donald Trump is literally threatening “death and destruction” if he’s arrested and Vladimir Putin is threatening an “immediate nuclear strike” on any country that arrests him. That’s what despots do when they potentially face Justice.

John_Beckham14: DA Alvin Bragg shouldn't let these Trump fools tell him not to indict Donald Trump. Trump needs to face justice. No one is above the law.


MAGASPEAKER: President Trump Has asked All Patriots to purchase this song to help the J6ers to raise money for their legal fees. I just did and it was the best damn $1.29 I ever spent. C’mon Patriots. Justice for All - Single by Donald J. Trump & J6 Prison Choir

FOX42KPTM: A lawyer for Donald Trump was back in court Friday after being ordered to answer questions before a grand jury investigating the possible mishandling of classified documents at the former president's Florida estate.

BLaw: Donald Trump’s defense attorney Evan Corcoran arrived at the federal courthouse in Washington to appear before a grand jury probing whether classified documents were mishandled after the former president left office and possible obstruction of justice.

B52Malmet: It continues to astound me how much oxygen Donald sucks out of my feed as he continues to face not a single consequence for the multiple criminal activities he is being investigated for. We need a break from this monster’s damages.

VABVOX: It is a huge failure of America's two-tiered criminal justice system that benefits wealthy ⬜men that despite his ongoing criminal history, Donald Trump is not in jail. It is to be hoped that at least one of the current cases against him will change that. Who's with me on this?

RepDanGoldman: We are a nation of laws, not men, and we cannot allow the justice process to be influenced by one man, even a former president. Donald Trump has apparently learned nothing from the events of January 6 and is once again attempting to incite violence to undermine the rule of law.

ericareport: Unfortunately it appears the Manhattan Grand Jury will be attending to another case today and will now meet next Tuesday to indict Donald Trump. The wheels of Justice may move slowly, but Donald Trump’s reckoning is coming next Tuesday!

axidentaliberal: Fear not Because while Donald Trump may have escaped indictment by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg & Jack Smith for another day Justice is still being meted out against his January 6 minions We’ll weed them all out One at a time, if necessary Because saving our country is worth it

MaryLTrump: Donald has a rally in Waco this Saturday. It's a ploy to remind his cult of the infamous Waco siege of 1993, where an anti-government cult battled the FBI. Scores of people died. He wants the same violent chaos to rescue him from justice. But we can stop him. If we book the…

rick00979: Whatever justice Donald Trump may face, America will need a reckoning

CelesteGG5: Donald Trump’s ‘Justice for All’ No. 1 on Sales Chart – Billboard

B52Malmet: Trump's legal team has appealed the ruling about Corcoran testifying. No one has abused the justice system more than Donald. Tired of it.

TonyHussein4: What charges could former President Donald Trump face from Merrick Garland and Special Counsel Jack Smith? - Obstruction of Justice - Bookkeeping Fraud - Obstructing an Official Proceeding - Conspiracy to Defraud the U.S. - Unauthorized Retention of National Security Documents

mickitiki: Alvin Bragg has used his office for bringing frivolous & blatant lies to indict a former sitting President Donald J Trump. This is a travesty of justice & a political coup by a f**king racist democrat. It can not be ignored but swift justice must prevail. Arrest this vile asshat.

NEWSMAX: If former President Donald Trump is indicted in New York City, that will mean the country will see even more of the weaponization of the nation's criminal justice system for political purposes.

ACTBrigitte: If Donald Trump is indicted, justice in America is officially dead.

PrisonPlanet: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador slammed the Biden administration for accusing him of corruption while abusing the justice system in America to engage in a political witch hunt against Donald Trump “so that he doesn’t appear on the ballot”.

Victorshi2020: Just wanted to say that E. Jean Carroll is a hero for democracy. Her bravery & courage is inspiring & the facts are on her side. She will prevail and she will get the justice & accountability against Donald Trump that she deserves. Let’s take a moment and thank E. Jean Carroll.

VABVOX: It's a huge failure of America's two-tiered criminal justice system that benefits wealthy ⬜men that Trump is not in jail and that with his criminal history he was ever allowed to be POTUS. Here are the many criminal investigations Donald Trump faces

TonyHussein4: A federal appeals court rejected former President Donald Trump's bid to keep his lawyer, Evan Corcoran' records from Special Counsel Jack Smith. It permits the Justice Department to circumvent attorney-client privilege.

JDLuckenbach: Potential criminal charges Donald Trump faces: Bookkeeping Fraud Unauthorized retention of national security documents Obstruction of Justice Mishandling official documents Conspiracy to make a false statement (Mar-a-Lago documents) Election code violations Racketeering 1/2

CollinRugg: NEW: Special counsel claims Trump has committed “criminal violations” in classified doc case. Our justice system has been completely weaponized and Republican leaders do absolutely nothing. Sad but not surprising.

suntanindad: Donald Trump and J6 Prison Choir Reach Number One on Billboard Chart with ‘Justice For All’

NEWSMAX: If former President Donald Trump is indicted in New York City, that will mean the country will see even more of the weaponization of the nation's criminal justice system for political purposes, said one of Trump's attorneys, Jesse Binnall.

ttreasureaman: You are some awesome Stormy Daniels for taking this scumbag and liar Donald Trump down and we know that you and Michael Cohen are very credible witnesses against this scumbag Donald J Trump. And now Donald Trump will get spanked with the justice paddle of the law

NEWSMAX: If former President Donald Trump is indicted in New York City, that will mean the country will see even more of the weaponization of the nation's criminal justice system for political purposes, said one of Trump's attorneys, Jesse Binnall.

newt50: WP-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has cast potential criminal charges against Donald Trump in Manhattan as a grave miscarriage of justice. He has accused the district attorney there of “abusing his office” and of an effort to “subvert our democracy.” And he 1/2

TristanSnell: Most criminal defendants face a jury of their peers. Donald Trump is going to face a jury of his victims — he conned America, he conned his own fans, and he’s about to face their justice.

B52Malmet: It’s Wednesday. Manhattan has a grand jury of citizens meeting downtown looking at what feels like a case of ancient criminality. If it takes this long for Donald to face the Stormy music, how long will it take in Fulton County, Georgia or DC? Asking for justice and democracy.

mehdirhasan: What's the best answer, the most plausible explanation, for why the federal government, why the Department of Justice, didn't bring this Stormy Daniels/campaign finance case against Donald Trump? Why it been left to a DA in Manhattan?

PeteAguilar: It’s 2023 and MAGA Republicans continue to undermine our democratic institutions and processes to protect Donald Trump. Not only will Democrats make sure the truth comes out, we’re going to ensure there will be justice.

TonyHussein4: Special Counsel Jack Smith claimed that Donald J. Trump deliberately misled his attorneys about classified documents. Judge Beryl Howell wrote Smith's office had presented a prima facie showing that former president Trump had committed criminal violations. Obstruction of Justice?

bird4governor: Using the levers of the justice system to carry out political hits on people is completely wrong. This isn’t partisan - what’s being done to Donald Trump is absolutely wrong. I don’t care how you slice it. It’s a fact.

nensta3: The potential indictment of Donald Trump by a New York prosecutor would be an unprecedented miscarriage of justice, some leading House Republicans argued Monday.

townhallcom: Nikki Haley Says Manhattan DA Case Against Donald Trump Is ‘More About Revenge’ Than Justice

DashDobrofsky: House Republicans are threatening to subpoena Alvin Bragg for investigating Donald Trump after he committed crimes in New York. If Republicans follow through with this frivolous pursuit, they should immediately be charged with Obstruction of Justice.

DianaCialino: NOT INDICTING Trump would reinforce what was already a persistent problem in the criminal justice system: unequal treatment of the rich and powerful, compared to that of the poor and powerless. —-Charles Blow

TonyHussein4: Obstruction of Justice? House Republicans are jumping to the defense of former President Trump. Three House GOP committee chairmen are using their investigative power to target Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s criminal inquiry into Donald J. Trump.

RitchieTorres: Tucker Carlson is so outraged by the imminent indictment of Donald Trump that he justifies MAGA extremists taking “justice” into their own hands. “Some people will decide they will have to do it themselves…It’s gonna be really ugly.”

tedcruz: Make no mistake: Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is a partisan Democrat who hates Donald Trump. Bragg doesn't have a right to abuse and corrupt the justice system to persecute his political opponents!

RepDanGoldman: If Donald Trump is indicted and disagrees with the prosecutor’s or jury’s decision, he will have his day in court. That's how our justice system works. We are a nation of laws, not men. No indicted person should be calling for riots to escape the consequences of the rule of law.

TwinmomSue: AG Barr punished Michael Cohen above and beyond because Donald Trump told him too. AG Barr ignored incriminating evidence against Donald Trump discovered by John Durham because he was protecting him. Tell me which Justice Department has a weaponized agenda…

TonyHussein4: If "No One Is Above the Law," then former President Donald J. Trump must face consequences for inciting a riot. Merrick Garland & Special Counsel Jack Smith, Trump had help with his coup conspiracy from Ginni Thomas, the wife of Justice Thomas, & many insurrectionist Republicans.

Mikeggibbs: Is Donald Trump in jail yet? I don't care that much. I think he's increasingly irrelevant. I just want to see if justice is actually a thing in America.

glennkirschner2: In a very real sense, congressional Republicans who use their power & their office to thwart criminal prosecutions of Donald Trump are becoming accessories after the fact to Trump’s crimes. They are obstructing justice. And we can expect to continue if it goes unaddressed.

RepBenCline: The liberal Manhattan DA brags about pleading felony charges down to misdemeanors, but now he’s considering a politically-driven felony indictment of Donald Trump based on a questionable legal argument. Americans are fed up with the Left’s politicization of the justice system.

RepDanGoldman: From Day One, I said the so-called “Weaponization” Subcommittee was more aptly named “the Committee to Obstruct Justice.” As if on cue, House Republicans are now using the official power of the Congress to try to obstruct a state prosecution of Donald Trump.

JoeyFromPhilly: Both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are being served arrest warrants. Now you can be clear with two things: 1. These men are not the evil ones. 2. The Left has weaponized “justice” to fit their ends.

TonyHussein4: Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and now Mike Pence are attacking the criminal justice system after former President Trump's Truth Social post about his impending arrest. There is a high possibility that Donald J. Trump will be indicted. No one is above the law.

HawaiiDelilah: Donald Trump is part of the crime wave and he has evaded justice for years. When you finally arrest the criminal, you’re doing your job.

ruinwanderer: I am confident that the U.S. will be able to protect justice and the Constitution and will successfully indict, arrest, and sentence Donald Trump for leading and incitement of the Jan 6 coup attempt that resulted in the death of six people. That is the event that may precede or…

bgmasters: If New York indicts Donald Trump, it will be a brazen mockery of justice. Trump’s enemies might celebrate, but no fair-minded person will see it as anything other than what it is, pure political retribution.

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