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    I hear you cry about a million bugs we spent on drugs in a day
    And that the drugs could not in fact be more than a thousand bob by the way
    I hear you cry about our opaqueness in the way we bank your taxes
    And that we paid five hundred more wagers tonight in a club
  • 2.
    Mina, suddenly you spite my soul!
    What! Have I become an owl
    That you squirm upon my sound?
    Come, cool it let me abound
  • 3.
    A faint glimmer,a distant din
    A silhouette seen from my safety
    Is all,all the form I find of you

  • 4.
    Silence is all I see
    Where have they gone?
    No buzzing and honking anymore
    As they pass and stare,or sneer at
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