The Journey Of A Poem Compared To All The Sad Variety Of Travel Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A poem moves forwardA
Like the passages and percussions of trains in progressB
A pattern of recurrence a hammer of repetetiveoccurrenceB
a slow less and less heardA
low thunder under all passengersB
Steel sounds tripping and tripled andC
Grinding revolving gripping turning and returningD
as the flung carpet of the wide countryside spreads out onE
each side in billowsB
And in isolation rolled out white house red barn squat siloF
Pasture hill meadow and woodland pastureG
And the striped poles step fast past the train windowsB
Second after second takes snapshots clickingD
Into the dangled boxes of glinting windowsB
Snapshots and selections rejections at angles of shadowsB
A small town a shop's sign GARAGE and then white gatesB
Where waiting cars wait with the unrest of tremblingD
Breathing hard and idling until the slow descentH
Of the red cones of sunset a dead march a slow tread and heavyI
Of the slowed horses of ApolloF
Until the slowed horses of Apollo go over the horizonJ
And all things are parked slowly or willinglyI
into the customary or at random placesB

Delmore Schwartz


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