Having to move on was one of the hardest things I ever had to do!
Letting go of all I thought was true and right, was just as hard.
I never doubted all you told me. I always thought all was true.
But because of all past disappointments, I'll never again let down my guard.

I guess, for now, I have to face the future alone
but I'm so scared to be alone in this heartless world.
I wonder how stuff could be if all was to be foretold?
I will then never again have to wait for the ring of the phone...

I'm so scared to be a failure to all who looks up to me
scared that they'll truly see the fake that I am
Always trying to find someone, just not to be alone...it was all a scam!
I'm so afraid that everyone will find out, and punish me...

I just ask one thing: Please let me stop crying at night
and send someone I can trust to help me fight this fight.