Blazing fire burning bright
Already flying higher than a kite
Craving for your every touch
My desires turning into a crutch

I would rather have your arms around my shoulder
than a jacket that makes me feel even colder
Connecting with you on the wrong level
Rethinking my arrangement with the devil

As high as the moon above
All I crave is someone to love
To have my person again
I will surely toast it with champagne

I take the leap and make a move
Expecting a countermove
This guy is such a chop
Instead of giving me a strawberry lollipop

A moment felt like two hours
The strawberry lollipop giving me strange powers
Enlightenment I wished to attain
De ja vu all over again

Full moon to fly at night
With a yellow fire burning bright
Flying after a light
Hoping with all my might

Still flying high as a kite.