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I'm a bipolar sufferer that combines with bisexuality. This makes for a very difficult situation at times. This struggle is very evident in my writing. Though I have realized that writing poetry was a way of surviving all....
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Del Lize Poems

  • Wondering
    Wondering what can be
    now that I am freeā€¦

    Talking for hours on end ...
  • I Know What I Want
    A voice from the past
    The first.
    Not really. ...
  • Sinking
    Deeper and deeper
    Trying to see the way out
    Wondering where it is
    Wishing to find it ...
  • Survived To Tell The Tale
    Caught in a maze, trying to survive.
    Some days...a hopeless strife
    Going deeper and deeper, getting lost
    Overpowered by a hopeless front. ...
  • Scared And Alone
    Having to move on was one of the hardest things I ever had to do!
    Letting go of all I thought was true and right, was just as hard.
    I never doubted all you told me. I always thought all was true.
    But because of all past disappointments, I'll never again let down my guard. ...
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Moment 6 Stay 5 Thought 3 Voice 3 Wall 3 Body 3 Fake 3 Afraid 3 Doubt 3 True 2

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