Only Words... My Son Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Yield to love both a proper self loveA
and a sincere love for othersB
One that will do no harm to you or your neighborC
both here and for eternityD
Soon you will experience the true love andE
affection you so richly deserveF
Whilst in this period of transition powerful forces of evil will conspire against youG
often presenting you with a form of counterfeit loveA
You will experience great burdens dashed expectationsH
deep betrayal disappointments and frustrationsH
For a while nothing seems to work out for youG
nowhere are you welcomed loved or cared forI
only misunderstood and rejectedJ
in spite of your best intentions and effortsK
You will be presented with information and views that claimL
to provide the answers the love hope and the acceptance you craveM
Sometimes you will even pursue itN
only to discover it was always aimed to ensureO
maximum destruction or deceitP
Invariably it is intended to keep you from your destinyD
How does one navigate this minefieldQ
Can one completely avoid hurt and painR
Yes we canS
However our basic nature is rebellion and disobedienceT
We find it hard to submit especially in early adulthoodU
to the wise counsel of Love and ProvidenceT
As a result we go through life often causing andE
sometimes experiencing much hurt and painR
until and such is my enduring prayerV
that you identify your calling and yield to its instructionW
For those who are truly called it happens early in lifeX
although full surrender might occur only much laterC
And so my son as you enter the complexY
terrain of maturity just one piece of adviceZ
cultivate an obedience to your inner VoiceA2
Some call it instinct intuition or your gutB2
Psycho analysis has long ago discovered thisC2
essential element of the human soulD2
Whenever it tells you something is wrong listen to itN
if it tells you to run do itN
Again gifted people are naturally stubbornE2
so you will be inclined to make many mistakesF2
some in ignorance and others by choiceA2
Even so your appointment with Destiny is certainW
you will face it one dayG2
Either fulfilled to your reward and gloryD
or unfulfilled to your eternal shame and damnationW
We cannot escape itN
Nothing no money power pleasure revengeH2
lusts and beautyD
can ever satisfy the demands our soulD2
Such will always lead to greater despairV
and immense emptinessI2
Rightfully so since as I would after great pain discoverC
only true Love canS
And such love exists it is availableJ2
Only in Him will you discover your true selfK2
It is then when you can properly love yourselfK2
in spite of who you areL2
and only then can you offer true love to othersB
It is when you will truly fulfill and embrace your destinyD
for which you were so meticulouslyD
designed and painstakingly preparedM2
Whatever road you chooseN2
Daddy will be right behind youG
Often I will disagree with your choicesO2
but I will love you stillP2
With Dad you will never be rejected only correctedQ2
Whether you choose to accept such correctionW
is always up to youG
but I m sure you will expect meD
to always adhere to my convictions and valuesN2
however difficult it might beD
And so even if you reject itN
I will always remain loyal and dedicated to youG
with my love and respect for you undiminishedR2
In me you have an admirer for lifeX

David Carolissen
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 08/23/2019


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