Yield to love; both a proper self-love
and a sincere love for others.
One that will do no harm to you or your neighbor,
both here and for eternity.
Soon you will experience the true love and
affection you so richly deserve.
Whilst in this period of transition, powerful forces of evil will conspire against you,
often presenting you with a form of counterfeit love.
You will experience great burdens, dashed expectations,
deep betrayal, disappointments and frustrations.
For a while nothing seems to work out for you ā€“
nowhere are you welcomed, loved or cared for,
only misunderstood and rejected,
in spite of your best intentions and efforts.
You will be presented with information and views that claim
to provide the answers, the love, hope and the acceptance you crave.
Sometimes you will even pursue it,
only to discover it was always aimed to ensure
maximum destruction or deceit.
Invariably, it is intended to keep you from your destiny.

How does one navigate this minefield?
Can one completely avoid hurt and pain?
Yes, we can.
However, our basic nature is rebellion and disobedience.
We find it hard to submit, especially in early adulthood,
to the wise counsel of Love and Providence.
As a result we go through life, often causing and
sometimes experiencing much hurt and pain,
until, and such is my enduring prayer,
that you identify your calling and yield to its instruction.
For those who are truly called it happens early in life ā€“
although full surrender might occur, only much later.

And so my son, as you enter the complex
terrain of maturity, just one piece of advice;
cultivate an obedience to your inner Voice.
Some call it instinct, intuition or your gut.
Psycho-analysis has long ago discovered this
essential element of the human soul.
Whenever it tells you something is wrong, listen to it,
if it tells you to run, do it!
Again, gifted people are naturally stubborn,
so you will be inclined to make many mistakes,
some in ignorance and others by choice.
Even so, your appointment with Destiny is certain,
you will face it one day.
Either fulfilled, to your reward and glory,
or unfulfilled, to your eternal shame and damnation.
We cannot escape it.
Nothing; no money, power, pleasure, revenge,
lusts and beauty
can ever satisfy the demands our soul.
Such will always lead to greater despair
and immense emptiness.
Rightfully so, since, as I would after great pain discover,
only true Love can.
And such love exists; it is available,
Only in Him will you discover your true self.
It is then when you can properly love yourself,
in spite of who you are,
and only then can you offer true love to others.
It is when you will truly fulfill and embrace your destiny,
for which you were so meticulously
designed and painstakingly prepared.

Whatever road you choose,
Daddy will be right behind you.
Often I will disagree with your choices ,
but I will love you still.
With Dad you will never be rejected; only corrected.
Whether you choose to accept such correction
is always up to you,
but Iā€™m sure you will expect me
to always adhere to my convictions and values,
however difficult it might be.
And so, even if you reject it,
I will always remain loyal and dedicated to you,
with my love and respect for you undiminished.
In me, you have an admirer for life.