Lord I draft you this love letter
By your touch i'm healed and better

Knowing that you've set me apart
I chose to give you my whole heart

Your love is real and not fictitious
You make me feel that I am precious

You've accepted me with all my errors
Helped me deal with all my terrors

You've removed my darkened past
And offered a love designed to last

You stripped me of all my fear
And captured every single tear

Somehow I know I can be bold
In your hands my future you hold

Now, i'm cherished and not rejected
By your spirit I am being perfected

Sensing your presence is something huge
You are my fortress and my refuge

It's strange, but somehow it seems
You're in my heart, my mind and dreams

It's you I worship and adore
No-ones ever loved me more

Atlast my life is anchored in love
The kind that comes from Heaven above

This time I vow, I won't waste
Your love, your mercy or your Grace

Crystal Koen