Holding hands at sunset we are walking on the beach,
We stop and sit on sand the sunset to see,
Your arms wrapped me in a warm embrace,
And I did put my head on your chest.

I could hear your heart beating fast,
Mixing with the music of waves and the seagulls flying around,
As u took my hands into yours, my eyes meet your eyes,
In the silence of night my heart belong to you tonight.

We have there our dinner waiting on sand,
We have candlelight all around,
We are living an unique moment in time,
You and i and our special love.

For us time doesn't exists and stood still,
We have each other and this is our dream,
We eat and sip from red wine,
And you put a red rose in my hair with love.

You told me how beautiful i am tonight,
Like a princess from fairy tales i felt,
I smiled with glow and passionately kissed you,
'Hold me in your arms and never let me go', i asked you.

We listen music and dancing in the moonlight,
I let my body following your steps,
I feel like i am flying, i don't touch the sand,
When i' m with you i feel as like i touch the sky.

We are laying on the sand and watch the starry sky,
It is so wonderful, because we are together,
I wish that everyday of my life to watch with you the sky,
And have so many romantic dinners in the candlelight.