In the still of the night,
My mind was so confused and sad,
I closed my eyes and start to cry,
When you were hurting me with hard words.

In front of my eyes memories open up,
Beautiful memories that we lived once,
I asked myself why this nightmare happend,
What we have done with our love?

Our love suppose to be our vow,
To respect and share till the end of time,
You should see the love i have for you,
You should have faith in me like i have in you.

Tears are running down my cheeks,
Digging my skin, burning my face,
Small pearls of soul rolling, shinning,
Merging together to my chin.

You have to look into my eyes,
And see the blue torment flow,
Don't let it waste these pearls of soul,
Don't let my tears waste in vain.