My Mother, Me And Our Special Moment Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My world is small restrictedA
I wake up it's warm and darknessB
I'm floating in the water but i dont feel coldnessB
I feel loved and protectedA
Where am iC
Yes i know i'm in my mother's uterusB
I can feel her touch and tendernessB
She give me peace and silenceD
When i am naughty dancingE
She sing for me so lovelyF
I hear her voice like an echoG
Directly to me vibratingE
But what is happeningE
I'm moving in stormy waterH
I am going down with the waterH
Absorbed in the vacuumI
I feel the presure i can hear my mother screams of painJ
I spring outside as a bird will take a flightK
And there they give me directlyF
To my mother loving armsL
Our looks encounterH
She saw my blue eyesM
Her eyes was by tears invadedA
Of happiness for having meF
I felt her heart i felt her loveN
I said proud in my baby mindO
I will reward her with a smileP
Above all she is my motherH

Cristina Teodor
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/01/2000


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