My world is small, restricted,
I wake up, it's warm and darkness,
I'm floating in the water, but i dont feel coldness,
I feel loved and protected.

Where am i?
Yes, i know, i'm in my mother's uterus,
I can feel her touch and tenderness,
She give me peace and silence.

When i am naughty dancing,
She sing for me so lovely,
I hear her voice like an echo
Directly to me vibrating.

But what is happening?
I'm moving in stormy water,
I am going down with the water
Absorbed in the vacuum.

I feel the presure, i can hear my mother screams of pain,
I spring outside as a bird will take a flight.
And there they give me directly
To my mother loving arms.

Our looks encounter,
She saw my blue eyes,
Her eyes was by tears invaded,
Of happiness for having me.

I felt her heart, i felt her love
I said proud in my baby mind,
I will reward her with a smile
Above all, she is my mother.