I'm walking on the street and a lot of people passing by,
I'm just in a middle of a crowd and suddenly i felt shivers on my spine,
I met his eyes and i want to keep on walking,
But i've noticed my body didn't responding.

His charming eyes than, i could see,
He was stopping also to stare at me,
He has something special that i feel i know,
Our eyes meet and we smiled with glow.

I feel something different that i can't explain,
It's like i know him forever or it seems to me,
The warmth of his look is melting me with a smile,
Why i'm feeling so, my face is burning like fire.

The sparkle in his eyes, his look so divine,
It makes my lips sealed, i couldn't say a thing,
I'm keep on gaze at him and i saw in his amazing eyes,
All my life developing with my sorrows, my success, my dreams.

Do i know him, he seem familiar to me,
I feel hypnotize by his eyes, i can't move, i can't do a thing,
I keep stare at him and asking myself,
Do i know you mysterious man, do we met in this life or another galaxy?

I feel his warmth, his love,
And i don't want to lose him,
Who is this man standing in front of me,
Is he a mysterious man or a deja vu experience?