Galloping Days Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Galloping galloping galloping horsesA
Weave thro' our dreaming in burgeoning SpringB
There's sun in our hearts and there's sun on the coursesA
And paeans of hope Winter's threnody forcesC
Over the hill tops for joy is a wingB
Joy is a wing and the galloping rhythmD
Mingles alack with a ruefuller runeE
For winners may rug but the losers run with 'emD
On the galloping galloping tuneE
Galloping galloping galloping gladlyF
Round the white railing and on to the turnG
While keeping in time to it urgently madlyF
Pulses are racing ecstatic'ly sadlyF
Eyes to the thundering eagerly yearnG
Voice upraising are praising are pleadingB
Mid rackets gay jackets flash by and are goneH
Then the field in the sunlight retreating recedingB
Goes galloping galloping galloping onI
Galloping galloping galloping streamingB
Now in green distances seeming to crawlJ
Like miniatures moving like manikins seemingB
While o'er hedge and hollow a bland sun is beamingB
Casting a benison over it allJ
They run to the 'Distance ' The horses The horsesA
They gallop They gallop They turn for the 'Straight '-
They gallop the hoses Who nurses remorse isC
A runagate cringer to galloping FateK
Galloping galloping galloping everL
Tho' cheering is over they gallop amainI
Tho' fact and fond fancy reluctantly severL
The round of that ultimate straining endeavorL
Still buffets and bludgeons and beats on the brainI
They gallop Wake up man What profits regainingB
Luck lurks in the offing On on with the danceM
Aw tear up your ticket The sun is still shiningB
The next race is starting Who foots it with ChanceM

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis


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