I was walking by the sea
With my precious bag of gold
A sight came upon my eyes to be
A sight to behold.

It was a strange man
Walking on the water
And upon seeing me he ran
To me without falter.

He said to me to follow
And run on the sea
And I said I couldn’t do it, then
“I would sink, you see.”

He said that “You won’t sink
Unless you are weighed down
Drop your gold and you won’t be heavy
And come run with me.”

I gasped and turned away
Clutching my precious gold
And I said “I’ll never give it to you!
It is my livelihood.”

He sighed and said “No,
I don’t want your gold.
It would weigh me down too
But I run on the sea.”

“Besides,” he said
“That isn’t gold
It is the fake, the one for a fool.
Fools gold, not valuable.”

I gasped, I cried
I came to life, I seemed to die
My love, my gold, my precious bride
Wasn’t true gold of mine.
But acceptance came
And the end of my game
I dropped my gold and walked on the sea
Free for eternity.