Time Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Cannot be given away impossible to keepA
Hours minutes seconds spill ceaselesslyB
Into a vacuum of nothingnessC
Only to be renewed through the black hole ofD
the InterminableE
Nary a milliseconds retreatF
drowns the spirit and invigoratesC
curiosity s doomG
You may sense it but only in the obliqueH
It cannot be touched altered nor brokenI
Hours wasted unmended future reviledJ
Past buried rejected hence deniedK
Only to recur pre morn s nightmareL
Unwelcome UnforgottenI
Endless youth spilled carelesslyB
unfolding a false edgeless canvasC
Holding only scant expressions of hueM
But sooner to be thick with merging colorsC
Of grey realizationI
Whose aged clocks tick infinitelyB
Louder and louder never faster stillN
No plea is heededO
Deaf to screams of temporal haltP
Blind to the mewling cries of misjudged canterQ
No deposit taken for hours slumberQ
Both a sentence of death and lease to liveR
Both alpha and omegaS
Here and NowI
Always and ForeverQ
Both Beginning and EndT

Christopher Stark
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/24/2020


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