Christopher Stark Poems

  • 1.
    In the tempest dawn I lay awake
    An hour from which a soul might take
    A dream of deep passion, in its sleep!
    Stay a spirit in its sacred keep
  • 2.
    Cannot be given away, impossible to keep
    Hours, minutes, seconds spill ceaselessly
    Into a vacuum of nothingness
    Only to be renewed through the black hole of
  • 3.
    What if there were a man who knew your last day?
    What witchcraft is this! What sorcery at play?
    No one knows this I beg, thus nor can he
    Confound him his devilish trickery!
  • 4.
    No, no, not the fast kind of Race,
    the color kind of Race!, the man said.
    Oh, "I see," said the flower,
    "Flowers love color!" Flower offered.
  • 5.
    Oh cry for hubris,
    Cry gorgeous ignorance
    Cry callous bravado
    Bitter tears at the terminus of excess
  • 6.
    Stones jut reckless in this lonely place
    above the trees, nearer to space
    Initials veined, but one last time
    Thoughts affixed, oh selfish crime!
  • 7.
    vast unsung mass of humanity, in their end,
    beautiful in their number
    reduce to tepid sentimentality.
    Songs adored, words that moved us
  • 8.
    I am a child of the moment
    Future false and past unfolded.
    Ignoble pain turn friendly caller
    Slumbers fear a gauzy wraith
  • 9.
    Crinkly, and narrower than ever before
    noon light makes for watery squints,
    each passing season clarity flints
    but wisdom of beauty refined so much more
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