Cannot be given away, impossible to keep
Hours, minutes, seconds spill ceaselessly
Into a vacuum of nothingness
Only to be renewed through the black hole of
the Interminable
Nary a milliseconds retreat
drowns the spirit and invigorates
curiosity’s doom.

You may sense it but only in the oblique
It cannot be touched, altered, nor broken
Hours wasted, unmended, future reviled.
Past buried, rejected hence denied
Only to recur pre-morn’s nightmare
Unwelcome. Unforgotten.

Endless youth spilled carelessly,
unfolding a false edgeless canvas
Holding only scant expressions of hue
But sooner to be thick with merging colors
Of grey realization
Whose aged clocks tick infinitely
Louder and louder, never faster still.

No plea is heeded!
Deaf to screams of temporal halt
Blind to the mewling cries of misjudged canter
No deposit taken for hours slumber
Both a sentence of death and lease to live
Both alpha and omega
Here and Now
Always and Forever
Both Beginning and End

Christopher Stark
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