True Friends Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


True friends are by your side through it allA
True friends are there to catch you when you fallA
True friends give your life a happy liftB
True friends are most precious giftB
True friends will care about you foreverC
True friends want to be with you on every endeavourC
True friends can make you laugh and cryD
True friends can be girls or guysE
True friends can get married at each otherC
True friends can be your sisters or brothersF
True friends will never truly leave youG
True friends will love you no matter what you doG
True friends really knows you but love you anywayH
True friends are those who are always asking you if you're okayH
True friends know that hate is a very strong wordI
True friends don't believe in every story they heardI
True friends love to spend time with youG
True friends love to teach you tooG
True friends tease all in good funJ
True friends don't care if you lost or wonJ

Chinwendu Emmanuel Rays
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/04/2020


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