Ring me around your world,
Pump me care, show me sincerity,
Let the blood of loyality be,
Bond me succor, shower me hope.

Take me around,
Your wonderous scape and inside of your mistery,
Let your story be, let synergy reign for sin uses of life.

Never nakedness, fantasies, joining points of our journey, low points and high risk of peak,
Path of genuiness are surround of care.

Show me around your curves,
Your virgin world and fallow-lying places,
Snoring in wealth untapped,
Play me your unknown,
Calling the world.

Nurture me in the ways of culture,
Mature me in fullness of tradition,
Fence me sense with pences,
Feed me nonsense for senses in all.

On this route,
Souls are bruised,
On this chime, souls battling build without let,
On this path,
Humanity loses its shine,
And world destroy.