Chinwendu Emmanuel Rays Poems

  • 1.
    Death speaking in tongues,
    As a flame of fire tongue
    Waiting like a waiter to receive the glory of shame through men
    For they act like hen
  • 2.
    True friends are by your side through it all
    True friends are there to catch you when you fall
    True friends give your life a happy lift
    True friends are most precious gift
  • 3.
    Kukukuku....! That sounds like a hen with its chick,
    Moving up and down like a wanderous serpent,
    Trying to get its food for its chick.
    The chick has fallen,
  • 4.
    The river has overflown,
    Pouring its love to human,
    Smiling uncontrollably to humanity,
    Having that great love for the living creatures.
  • 5.
    Ring me around your world,
    Pump me care, show me sincerity,
    Let the blood of loyality be,
    Bond me succor, shower me hope.
  • 6.
    Failure to train a dog,
    It will fear a tiger.
    Failure to train a goat,
    It will fear a grass.
  • 7.
    I heard life is as
    Fragile as eggs,
    But it is to me a volcano
    Melted away in a twinkle
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