The Temperance Movement Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A POWER is stirring a broad light has shoneA
Amid the nation s in the wildernessB
Of the world s social horror and distressC
Heralding temperance as the Baptist JohnD
Announced the Christ Amazed upon her throneA
Built up of skulls that were in life not lessC
Than temples of great souls behold ExcessC
Blinks in its rays and feels her empire goneE
And Ignorance and Crime each brutal viceF
That brands the brow with shame and steels the heartG
Are starting from their lairs in human stiesF
Like felons scared and gathering to departG
Even as the fiend gods of the pagan earthH
Trooped hell ward at the Babe of Bethlehem s birthH

Charles Harpur


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