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TCCLiveScores: 1st XI v Sunbury Sunbury 127/8 (24) End of Over 24: 10 runs, Matt Harpur 7 (10), Jonathan Charles 0 (0), Alasdair Pollock 5-0-21-2 4 1 1 0 W 4b

HarpurCollege: When you get your coronavirus vaccine, take a minute to consider the teams of scientists who put long hours into its development. Among them is Harpur alumna Darryl Melissa Charles, a vaccine research and development scientist at Pfizer. Read more:

binghamtonalum: Binghamton alumna Darryl Melissa Charles is a vaccine research and development scientist at Pfizer who helped to develop the COVID-19 vaccine.

PrezHarvey: Bing grads making an impact! So proud of alumnus Darryl Melissa Charles and her involvement in developing the COVID-19 vaccine.

claudianhm1: One of our lab's alumna Melissa Charles is now a a vaccine research and development scientist at Pfizer!!!!

HarpurCollege: Check out this story on an amazing Harpur alumna: Darryl Charles, a vaccine research scientist at Pfizer!

Book_Addict: Happy birthday to Australian poet Charles Harpur (January 23,1813), author of “Thoughts, A Series of Sonnets” (1845) et al.

411ethiopianism: (Poetical-Ethiopianism) . When up the unclouded heaven in starry sheen Night walks like a gem-sprangled Ethiop queen, And from her solemn curtains wide unfurled Falls dense repose upon the drowsy world. . [An Excerpt] The Ideal by Charles Harpur (1813- 1868)

DNLee5: Lee 2020. Diversity and inclusion activisms in animal behaviour and the ABS: a historical view from the U.S.A. Animal Behaviour, 164: 273-280 Keywords: Charles Henry Turner, diversity, inclusion, scholar activism, science history, under-represented minorities

Harpur: Holy cow, Charles Bradley died three years ago today. A celebrity death that hit me. He sang what he knew and delivered so much emotion in each song. As one reviewer said: That's not sweat on his brow up there on stage, that's his whole body crying.

readingrevival: jonathan was born in the convict era: the same year frank the poet was transported to australia for larceny; (convict offspring) charles harpur was 19 and single

Harpur: Bee folk, there is a section on Charles Henry Turner that I implore you to read.

Joe_Mello3: Imagine being at Harpur College fifty years ago today.

fapjarepy: Ben William D Jesperi Pipkins Upshaw Armond Cobb Kotkaniemi Johnson Brett Charles Mark Shed Dern Goodwin Fontaine Randall Long Nzeocha Lo Trey Jakob Larsson Piscotty Chase Laura Falemaka Stephen Daccord Edmonds Adam Holden Gabriel Ginnifer Harpur Joey

ballymenaacadem: Danske Bank Schools Cup 4th Round Down HS v Ballymena Academy Try Ballymena! Charles Harpur the try scorer and converted by Ross McKay. 12-39 to Ballymena Academy.

Book_Addict: Happy birthday to Australian poet Charles Harpur (January 23,1813), author of “Thoughts, A Series of Sonnets” (1845) et al.

trovepoetrybot: New item tagged 'poem'! 31 Mar 1851, 'SELECT POETRY. CONTRIBUTIONS TO AUSTRALIAN LITERATURE. (Being leaves from Charles Harpur's Wild Bee of Australia) No. 2. THE BUSH FIRE.':

Richard_Ardvark: Nor were these exceptional cases as the entire period was marked by a series of attacks on soft civilian Protestant targets. John Hazlett, Charles Johnston, Thomas Harpur, Hector Hall, and Joanne Mathers were murdered by the IRA or INLA in the few months the hunger strikes lasted

DoinaBadescu: IMPROMPTU: A FLIGHT OF WILD DUCKS - by Charles Harpur...

trovepoetrybot: Another Trove item tagged 'poem'! 12 Dec 1870, 'Poet's Corner. ONWARD. ODE, BY THE LATE CHARLES HARPUR.':

bingcharlesdrew: Did you know that Harpur’s Ferry can arrive in less than 5 minutes? No matter how fast they drive, bystanders will always be the first on the scene. What can you do to help? Attend Charles Drew Minority Pre-Health…

ap215: U.S. Senate Minority Leader Sen. Charles Schumer at the podium during Harpur College's morning commencement ceremony.

NameSearch_: Four thousand lamps of gold and silver light Suspended round the mighty dome, and o'er Those rows of statues at their great height And thence even to the ground, together pour A blaze that might seem reft from Etna's core! -Charles Harpur, On the Easter Illumination of St Peter's

trovepoetrybot: Another Trove item tagged 'poem'! 4 Dec 1857, 'POEMS BY CHARLES HARPUR. BLINDNESS TO MERIT.':

Harpur: I like to read beekeeping history. In my foray into US beekeeping history, I came across mention of Dr. Charles Henry Turner. He demonstrated honey bees have colour vision and can distinguish among patterns. He was a remarkable scientist.

trovepoetrybot: Another Trove item tagged 'poem'! 8 Oct 1860, 'ON reading lines, addressed to an "Echo on the Banks of the Hunter," by Charles Harpur [republished].':

trovepoetrybot: Another Trove item tagged 'poem'! 29 Aug 1846, 'POEMS BY CHARLES HARPUR. XXVI. THE WORLD'S VICTIMS.':

Romenu: Early Summer//’Tis the early summer season, when the skies are clear and blue;/When wide warm fields are glad with corn as green as ever grew,/And upland growths of wattles engolden all the view./

trovepoetrybot: Another Trove item tagged 'poem'! 29 Aug 1846, 'POEMS BY CHARLES HARPUR. XXVI. THE WORLD'S VICTIMS.':

TyQuig: Dr. Turner’s research went uncited by contemporaries such as Karl von Frisch, who’s work came later. Very happy I know of these classic works now, which can be found with a quick google search.

Book_Addict: Happy birthday to Australian poet Charles Harpur (January 23,1813), author of "Thoughts, A Series of Sonnets" (1845) et al.

trovepoetrybot: Another Trove item tagged 'poem'! 2 Dec 1846, 'POEMS BY CHARLES HARPUR. XXXVIII. LINES SUGGESTED BY THE APPEARANCE...

loquacious334: "She loves me! From her own bliss-breathing lips The live confession came, like rich perfume From crimson petals...

Carcanet: If you're needing a poetry fix over the festive break, we've got you sorted! Check the Carcanet blog to read one of...

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