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Charles Harpur Books, Charles Harpur poetry book Almost Always Fatal (Surviving Cancer with a Sense of Humor) Authors: Charles Walton
Publisher: Lulu.com
Published Date: 2007-07-01
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Can a cancer survivor's story be entertaining, even funny? One might expect "informative," "interesting," or "inspiring," and this book is all three, but Charles Walton's writing style and honest, down-to-earth sense of humor, make his account of his battle with a deadly form of cancer a truly fun read. In 2004 Walton was diagnosed with cancer while self-employed with no health insurance. He and wife Kathy lost their business, their home, and even their dog over the ensuing two-year period which he covers in these pages. He says, "It sounds like a country song, doesn't it? Did I mention that I lost my pick-up truck too? The point is though: None of that stuff (except, of course, our dog) matters. Kathy and I live in a one-bedroom apartment and drive a 17-yr.-old car now, but we live better than ever before, taking nothing for granted."

Charles Harpur Books, Charles Harpur poetry book An Index to Printed Pedigrees Contained in County and Local Histories, the Heralds' Visitations Authors: Charles Bridger
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com
Published Date: 1867
Categories: Reference
Here is a guide to printed British genealogies, containing over 16,000 references to pedigrees in county histories, compendia, record and society publications, heralds' visitations, etc., down to the time the work was originally published (1867). The arrangement is by counties for England and thereunder alphabetically by family name for each title analyzed, with special sections devoted to General Works, Visitations, etc. The compiler has facilitated research still further by means of a complete index to all families, which occupies nearly 100 pages and contains about 8,000 entries.

Charles Harpur Books, Charles Harpur poetry book Correspondence of Charles, First Marquis Cornwallis Authors: Charles Cornwallis, Charles Ross
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published Date: 2011-06-02
Categories: History
Charles Cornwallis, first Marquis Cornwallis (1738-1805), was a highly influential colonial governor and British army officer, though he is best remembered for his role on the losing side in the American War of Independence (1775-1781). Cornwallis entered military service in 1757. Following the War of Independence, in 1786 he was appointed as first Governor General of India, where he instituted extensive military and civil reforms, and he became Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in 1797. These fascinating volumes, first published in 1858, contain personal letters and official dispatches written by Cornwallis during his long career. These letters vividly describe the historical and political context of events in which Cornwallis participated, and succinctly illustrate his character and personal motivations. These volumes are reissued from the second edition of 1859. Volume 3 contains correspondence from 1798 to 1805.

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