The Home Of Peace Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Trust and treachery wisdom follyA
Madness mirth and melancholyA
Love and hatred thrift and pillageB
All are housed in every villageC
And in such a world s mixed beingD
Where may peace from ruin fleeingD
Find fit shelter and inheritE
All the calm of her own meritE
In a bark of gentle motionF
Sailing on the summer oceanF
There worst war the tempest wagesG
And the hungry whirlpool ragesH
In some lonely new world bowerI
Hidden like a forest flowerI
There too there to fray the strangerI
Stalks the wild eyed savage dangerI
In some Alpine cot by fountainsJ
Flowing from snow shining mountainsJ
There the avalanches thunderI
Crushing all that lieth underI
In some hermit tent pitched lowlyA
Mid the tombs of prophets holyA
There to harry and annoy herI
Roams the infidel destroyerI
In palatial chambers gildedK
Guarded round with towers high buildedK
Change may enter these to morrowL
And with change may enter sorrowL
Find O peace thy home of beautyK
In the steadfast heart of dutyK
Dwelling ever there and seeingD
God through every phase of beingD

Charles Harpur


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