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  • Sonnet Xxxix. To Night. From The Same.
    I LOVE thee, mournful, sober-suited Night!
    When the faint moon, yet lingering in her wane,
    And veil'd in clouds, with pale uncertain light
    Hangs o'er the waters of the restless main. ...
  • Sonnet Ix.
    BLEST is yon shepherd, on the turf reclined,
    Who on the varied clouds which float above
    Lies idly gazing--while his vacant mind
    Pours out some tale antique of rural love! ...
  • Sonnet Lvi.
    IF, by his torturing, savage foes untraced,
    The breathless captive gain some trackless glade,
    Yet hears the war-whoop howl along the waste,
    And dreads the reptile-monsters of the shade; ...
  • Sonnet Lxxi.
    Written at Weymouth in winter.
    THE chill waves whiten in the sharp North-east;
    Cold, cold the night-blast comes, with sullen sound,
    And black and gloomy, like my cheerless breast: ...
  • Sonnet Xliii: The Unhappy Exile
    The unhappy exile, whom his fates confine
    To the bleak coast of some unfriendly isle,
    Cold, barren, desart, where no harvests smile,
    But thirst and hunger on the rocks repine; ...
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  • Carcuvictor: "what could be blacker than a shadow? here, ‘all is black shadow but the lucid line / marked by the light surf on the level sand, / or where afar the ship-lights faintly shine / like wandering fairy fires …’" - charlotte smith artworks by pierre soluages
  • Madelynburke: daniel jones on facing the panthers this week: “i grew up pulling for them in charlotte and certainly have a lot of friends who are panthers fans…” says of his faves: “i liked jake delhomme a lot and steve smith, i was a big steve smith guy… his toughness, the way he competed”
  • Cedricsayings: charlotte traded michael anderson, dee brown, lawrence moten, michael smith, chris webber, a 1998 2nd round pick, and a 1999 2nd round pick to the spurs for terrell brandon, howard nathan, and rickie winslow.
  • Madlibs_bot: how to date the coolest girl/guy in school: it's simple. make charlotte smith want vainly to date you. make sure you're always dressed to drive. each and every day wear a tie that you know shows off your forehead and before you know it you will be their girlfriend/boyfriend!
  • Circuitscouting: aj smith (2022) height: 6’5 hs: combine academy aau: team charlotte position: shooting guard calling card: work horse current offers: st. bonaventure, tulsa, wichita state, vanderbilt, rice, william & mary, elon, texas a&m, charlotte, appalachian state, usc upstate
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