Coleridge's Cristabel Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Mark yon runnel how tis flowingA
Like a sylvan spirit dreamingA
Of the spring blooms near it blowingA
And the sunlight o er it beamingA
Bright from bank to bank or growingA
Darkly inter freaked when streamingA
Where some willowy shade hangs bendingA
O er it in green mingled massesB
Lights and shades and blossoms glowingA
All for greater beauty blendingA
In its vision as it passesB
Where that shelving rock is spiedC
There with a smooth warbling slideC
It lapses down into a coolD
And brimming not o erflowing poolD
Then between its narrowed banksE
Playing merry gurgling pranksE
It gushes till a channel d stoneF
Gives it a more strenuous toneF
Then its bright curves flashing areG
Like a mighty scimitarG
Dropt by some Jove vanquished godH
And sunk into the yielding sodH
Or betwixt thick reeded beachesB
It whispers low mysterious speechesB
Or with an underswirling spreadI
Over a wide pebbled bedI
It bubbles with a gentle pleasureG
Ere some new mood change the measureG
Such a runnel typeth wellJ
The sweet wild verse of ChristabelJ
And if all suddenly at lengthK
It sank a broken end to makeL
In some subterranean lakeL
A further type we might beholdM
Of the story half untoldM
But what might picture to our viewN
The wonder world it warbles throughN

Charles Harpur


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