A Midsummer Noon In The Australian Forest Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Not a bird disturbs the airB
There is quiet everywhereB
Over plains and over woodsC
What a mighty stillness broodsC
Even the grasshoppers keepD
All the birds and insects keepD
Where the coolest shadows sleepD
Even the busy ants are foundE
Resting in their pebbled moundE
Even the locust clingeth nowF
In silence to the barky boughF
And over hills and over plainsC
Quiet vast and slumbrous reignsC
Only there's a drowsy hummingG
From yon warm lagoon slow comingG
'Tis the dragon hornet seeC
All bedaubed resplendentlyH
With yellow on a tawny groundE
Each rich spot nor square nor roundE
But rudely heart shaped as it wereI
The blurred and hasty impress thereB
Of vermeil crusted sealH
Dusted o'er with golden mealH
Only there's a droning whereB
Yon bright beetle gleams the airB
Gleams it in its droning flightJ
Tracks it in its gleaming flightJ
With a slanting track of lightJ
Till rising in the sunshine higherI
Rising in the sunshine higherI
Its shards flame out like gems on fireI
Till its shards flame out like fireI
Every other thing is stillH
Save the ever wakeful rillH
Whose cool murmur only throwsC
A cooler comfort round ReposeC
Or some ripple in the seaC
Of leafy boughs where lazilyC
Tired Summer in her forest bowerI
Turning with the noontide hourI
Heaves a slumbrous breath ere sheC
Once more slumbers peacefullyC
'tis easeful here to lieH
Hidden from Noon's scorching eyeH
In this grassy cool recessC
Musing thus of QuietnessC
two versions of this poem have been located The relevant changes are included in the text in square brackets i eC

Charles Harpur


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