Shouting out to those who adopted kids,
Sincerely apologies to those who went through miscarriages.
I cannot forget those who carried a child nine months,
Those who gave birth prematurely.
Happy Mother's Day.

I say big shoutout to sisters raising their siblings,
Loving and caring for them like your own kids.
To all the orphanage workers,
You are indeed true mothers
Happy Mother's Day.

It's not giving birth that makes you a mother,
The love you give over and over.
The pain of raising naughty kids,
The love we get from step kids.
Happy Mother's Day.

Of course I feel for those who gave birth by C section,
Those who were forced to commit abortion.
The pain,
Today I call upon rain.
Happy Mother's Day.

Sincere condolences to those who lost your mothers,
Those raised by single mothers.
You are all loved,
We are all blessed.
Happy Mother's Day.