To my next lover..

I pray that you find me with true love,
I pray that you get the best of me,
I pray that you get my skin still crying and painting for reality,

My next lover...

Money isn't anything,
Cause not all good things are gold,
Keep the grass low for snakes to come out,
Its true, most guys are wolves they are looking for lambs to slaughter,
Not a woman to love,
But I assure you that am after your vented heart.

But to you my next love,
I assure you that my loyalty is thick as ice,
Easy to ride,
Never look at the eyes of my other pocket,
Cause I promise I will give you all your needs,
I can not meet you at the point of your wants,but I can give you all your needs.

To you my next lover...
I can't wait to see you,
Cause in my dreams you are so cute,
I can't wait to love you,
Cause I will always be there for you..

To my next lover..
Please do not be like all ex,
I do not want to pay for all the sins of your ex.
Can I fall far from the tree of hate and pain,
I will support you every where I can.

To my next lover...
I give you the Iceland of my heart,
Cause my island is drowning in the volcano of my tears.