Brian Dredan Life Poems

  • 1.
    Loaded and rolling on,
    This can't take you away clown,
    Strength build in you will keep lighting,
    Even when ninety nine candles are dying
  • 2.
    It's been months of torture,
    Turning around my heart posture,
    Piercing my heart with swords,
    Taking my joy with cords,
  • 3.
    You gone?
    Tell him to love you harder,
    Never strike your head deeper,
    Not walk away when you shout,
  • 4.
    His heart can't be found,
    Sombre, is the mood in hood,
    Going from bad to worse bad,
  • 5.
    She was dragged into pain,
    Her heart in bitter ordain,
    And her dress, wet with tears,
    That flow from heart bars,
  • 6.
    Bad gone good,
    Sour turned sweet hood,
    Bitter turned joyful,
    And that's the Lord in control,
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