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Oluwatosin Olotu is People's Poetess, she writes in simple and straight forward language. she has a degree in English/Education, a born teacher, her love for knowledge can't be over emphasized. She has written several award winning poems which has been featured in a lot of blog and social media. ...
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  • Lost In My Thoughts
    sometimes I wonder what life is meant for,
    Sometimes I stumble when I wonder,
    In my slumbering I never cease to wonder,
    When loss in my thoughts my heart thunder, ...
  • Garden Of Life
    The Supreme One detached the sky and the earth,
    Split the Sun and moon, create stars.
    The creator created a creature,
    to tender and nurture the creatures he created ...
  • I'm Afire
    My heart is set ablaze,
    I'm on fire,
    I'm so high,
    I can't be fired, ...
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Emily Dickinson Poem
How much of Source escapes with thee'
 by Emily Dickinson


How much of Source escapes with thee-
How chief thy sessions be-
For thou hast borne a universe
Entirely away.


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