Waking up
I just know there are battles to fight
Not afraid of them
Just very aware

Woke up this morning
And there were really battles to fight
Fights I knew nothing about
Fights that were there all along

Maybe somewhere am scared
Maybe I really can't gauge
Maybe they will be gone tomorrow
But then today's reality is one of a battle

I think someone trained me for this
Or else how can I explain the fearlessness
About this raging battle
Any sane person will be scared

I think I know how spells victory on this margin
If I know no more anger then I have won
Perhaps I have unknowingly won the battle of fear
But the battle of love, how might I win?

Not of fear, that I seem to know
But of love which I am lost of knowledge for
Who will teach a lost soul to love

Heard love is patient, is kind, doesn't envy,
Seeks not her own, believes all things,
Hopes all things, is not puffed up,
Hates iniquity, rejoices in truth

Maybe I do know this war
Just maybe, maybe when I learn patience, I win
Maybe when I seek not my own, I win
Maybe when I learn to hope, I win

Maybe just maybe I will win this war
I lack strength to fight
I know not how to lift the sword
Its a battle none the less
Learned or not?
I have to fight and win.