Per Bo Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Once I knew a noble peasantA
From a line of men large heartedB
Light and strength were in his mindC
Lifted like a peak clear linedC
O'er the valley in spring sunshineD
First to feel the morning's beamE
First refreshed by cloud born streamE
Wide the springtime spread its bannerF
Waving in his will illuminedG
Bright with promise color soundH
Heritage of toil its groundH
Round that mountain music floatedB
Songsters sweet of faith and hopeI
Nestled on its tree clad slopeI
Sometime sometime all the valleyJ
Like him shall with light be floodedB
Sometime all his faith and truthK
Sunward grow in dewy youthK
And the dreams he dreamt too earlyJ
Live and make him leader beJ
For a race as true as heJ

Bjarnstjerne Bjarnson


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