Something Which Is Immortal Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I cried till my tears driedA
The tears which you were to wipeB
To close my eyes you were who haunted meC
With your smiles and contagious laughD
I waited till the dawn arrivedE
Embarking the start of a new beginningF
When I open my eyes from my rather deep slumberG
I find you standing there with open armsH
Waiting for me to embrace youI
But when I run towards youI
The silhouette of yours vanish in thin airJ
as if it was never thereJ
I pick up on your clothesK
To sniff the faint lingering scentL
In which for once I feel at homeM
You were to return backN
Not to move away from me usO
For you were all I could seeC
When I thought of my worldP
The promises you gave meC
Of finding a way and staying hereQ
Where they all woven to falsify meC
I now regret not having paid heedR
To the wise words the elderly saidS
To love is to pain and to pain is to healT
I do not regret the time with you merrily spentL
As they were the most joyous of our my lifeU
What I regret is you were absentV
To embrace those heartfelt memories with meC

Bhoomi Mittal
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/05/2022

Poet's note: This was what I felt after imagining the pain that the sweet and merry relationships leave behind after they are broken. It is about one who waits even after the other has gone in a way to never return.


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