Let me fly high,
I wanna see the blue sky
Breaking up all ties;
Let me soar like an eagle
Flapping my wings to the directions,
Which mathematicians say ,"They make an angle"....

Let me take up the dare,
And revolve around the world without any care;
Let me see the world of honesty,
Where none cheats on people for money,
They earn their respect by their ability;
I just want to leave the world of lies,
Breaking up all the strings,
which can be done by me, having wings;

Let me buzz around like flies,
Not caring for the heart to die;
Let me carry messages of love,
which people tie in the legs of dove;
Let me dance like a peacock,
Away from what people behind me talk;
Let me prey my enemies' like a crane,
Until the last breath of me is drained;
Don't cage me up like a peahen,
I just want to write my emotions with a pen....