I cried till my tears dried,
The tears which, you were to wipe;
To close my eyes, you were, who haunted me,
With your smiles and contagious laugh;

I waited till the dawn arrived,
Embarking the start of a new beginning,
When I open my eyes from my rather deep slumber,
I find you standing there with open arms,
Waiting for me to embrace you;
But when I run towards you,
The silhouette of yours vanish in thin air,
as if it was never there.

I pick up on your clothes,
To sniff the faint lingering scent,
In which, for once I feel at home,
You were to return back,
Not to move away from me, us,
For you were- all I could see,
When I thought of my world...

The promises you gave me,
Of finding a way and staying here,
Where they all woven to falsify me,
I now regret not having paid heed,
To the wise words, the elderly said,
"To love is to pain, and to pain is to heal"
I do not regret the time with you, merrily spent,
As they were the most joyous of our- my life,
What I regret is, you were absent,
To embrace those heartfelt memories with me.