Who is Bhoomi Mittal

A student in India. Someone who loves to express herself by writing Living in my personal utopia ...
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  • Something Which Is Immortal
    I cried till my tears dried,
    The tears which, you were to wipe;
    To close my eyes, you were, who haunted me,
    With your smiles and contagious laugh; ...
  • It's All In The Past
    I just want to relive those days again,
    When I used to smile genuinely,
    Instead of giving a fake tight lipped one.
    I want to be the child again, ...
  • Let Me Fly High..
    Let me fly high,
    I wanna see the blue sky
    Breaking up all ties;
    Let me soar like an eagle ...
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  • One could suppress a lone voice, but he could never stop its echoes from soaring high and reaching the heavenwards sky...
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