This love is chaotic
My anxiety to feel your skin texture
Leads me to severe headache and fever,
My breath cutoff,
And eyes turn red
When ever I'm vulnerable to your presence,
Your love is a sweet virus,
Virus that pierces my esophagus
And sets sputum in my lungs,
A sweet virus that digests in my aorta
And spreads through my vessels
With no doubt,
I'm optimistic that your love is a virus
Made by God to enslave my soul,
I cough, sneeze and tremble
When I perceive your face
Like Covid-19 patient,
I rather wear eyes mask if there's any,
Because nose mask can not save me,
A single jab from you entangle
My emotions,
The endless feelings flicker in my head,
Your love is a sweet pain I can't forgo.
© Artistic Poet
Lonely Soul