i will live,
even if it's for a jiffy at this moment,
let my breath be the testimony of what i feel
& the sound of the drum my heart holds
will keep its rhythm below the canopy of the forest
let the hunter aim no perfect shot at the eagle that soars

i will live,
to harvest the trees i have planted with blue & black in the white field
to seduce the pain that awaits me in bed
i can't tell how many times my peace of mind has been accompanied by sorrow
but at this stage, i will live
because if the tea on the dinning table gets cold
my brother won't be able to tell the taste of the sugar in it

i will live,
if it's in pain, someday happiness will creep
if it's in mental illnesses, one day a therapist will creep
if it's in my mind, one day i will write the story
if it's in the outfits, one day God will redress me
but for now, i will live