If only once in my life
i have the chance,
to feel my skin against yours
to know the weight of your kiss
to count the hair strings on your skin
to know the feeling of your touch
to feel your inner temperature that lies beneath your tongue
& the sweetness of your lips
as it pours down honey between the 32 white pieces of peace
to my lips like i've always dreamed

if only once
i would be completed

In my heart,
there is a place where your kisses will land
where you will read my body like poetry
exploring, devouring and consuming
until you gain each drop of love you lost before

my soul made love to yours long before i could speak
when my mind flipped pages to you Chapter,
i knew you've my future in your hands
even in times of conflicts
i'll kiss every piece of anger off your lips
until you melt in endless love