With silken tresses floating free,
A dark-eyed maiden wanders
Alone beside the murmuring sea,
And of her lover ponders.

The fisher boats at anchor ride,
The summer moon is waking;
Its beams of silver on the tide
In rippling flakes are breaking.

The golden sands in murmurs speak,
Her dainty foot that presses,
The salt sea wind upon her cheek
Is lavish of caresses.

Afar upon a winding stream
A youth is softly rowing;
Above his head the star-worlds gleam,
And bright the moon is glowing.

The trees are swaying to and fro,
Their shadowy boughs extending,
And leaf-born music, sweet and low,
Is with the night-wind blending.

Far off, where meadows kiss the stream,
A golden light is winking:
Upon the waves its soft rays gleam,
From crest to hollow sinking.

Upon the youth and maiden's heart
The lamp of love is shining,
Though distance holds them both apart,
Their souls are intertwining.