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OliMGraham: BEST player - Jensen Weir WORST player - Donald Love BEST signing - Connor Ripley WORST signing - Donald Love MOST disappointing - Arthur Gnahoua

jcslattery: This is a good list -- though I'm surprised that Andy Weir got his own special mention, but not Arthur C. Clarke who envisioned the satellite communications system that is central to life in the 21st Century. And glad to see Star Trek get its due.

TheCinesthetic: The Truman Show (1998) dir. Peter Weir

AlanCamSport: Given there are only 48 hours between the two games, I'd expect a team along these lines: Gibson or Fife; McLauchlan, Corsie, K Clark, Docherty; Arthur*, Murray; Brown, Weir, Emslie; Thomas * Only one who played on Sat, but subbed in second half

GamesButAlsoArt: Is this art? The game DuckTales but with overall direction by Peter Weir and in-game lore by Arthur Conan Doyle.

grayRanger3: So, since “Life, The Universe, and Everything” established that reincarnated souls don’t necessarily experience time in the same order, could it be that there is a situation like in Andy Weir’s “The Egg” and Arthur Dent himself is actually also Agrajag?

today_in_music: Playlist a Day for 2022-10-16

Scorpiobets1: - Morecambe could be missing as many as eight players such: Arthur Gnahoua, Jake Taylor, Liam Shaw, Jon Obika, Jensen Weir (doubtful), Caleb Watts (doubtful)... - Burton are without such: Tom Hamer, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson, Sam Winnall (doubtful) and Mustapha Carayol (doubtful)

rwwgreene: "Starts out like Bruce Sterling and Joe Haldeman, transforms into something like an Andy Weir novel, and sticks the landing in pure Arthur C. Clarke territory" --Amazon Review (Ships nicely from your local indie.)

TheSparkKn1ght: Orson Welles Sam Peckinpah Arthur Penn M. Night Shyamalan Bi Gan Pier Paolo Pasolini Robert Wise Jean-Luc Godard Tobe Hooper Andrei Tarkovsky Alan J. Pakula David Lean Bertrand Tavernier Sidney Lumet Dick Richards Peter Weir Josh Trank Michael Ritchie Gregg Araki

CharlieFenton2: 62% done with Elizabeth of York, by Alison Weir: ‘In March 1488, although Arthur was onl...

mershdoes: With the confirmation of Claire Emslie and Caroline Weir's transfer it leaves just Chloe Arthur from the last Scotland squad still unattached. The versatile defender/midfielder left Aston Villa at the end of last month.

Rainmaker1973: Geomorphology of a river: what happens when you install a dam or a weir and how the sediment transport changes [full video + full explanation here:

LsabreAvenger: Staying infield, Zane Weir inched out Nick Ponzio at 21.07 to 21.05 in the men's SP and WL'er Ferdinand Omanyala prevailed in 10.11 over close Arthur Gue Cissé in 10.14 over 100m (0.2), making a sprint double in a PB of 20.50 over 200m (-0.3) later.

GirlsResults: FIXTURES - Wed 18 May 2022 16s East Caroline Weir Arbroath v Panmure 14s East League Cup Plate 1830 Bayside Bravehearts v Jeanfield Swifts Jags 14s East Lucy Graham Arbroath v Panmure 14s West Chloe Arthur Giffnock v Glasgow City White

GirlsResults: FIXTURES - Tue 3 May 2022 16s East Caroline Weir Dundee United v Dundee West 14s North League Cup Plate SF Colony Park v Grampian Girls 14s SE League Cup Plate QF Bathgate v Broxburn Athletic 14s West Chloe Arthur Glasgow City Orange v Glasgow Girls

ailyaab: I turned silences and nights into words. What was unutterable, I wrote down. I made the whirling world stand still. ~ Arthur Rimbaud ~ Robert Walter Weir The poet's dream, 1833

CutHalesworth: Tickets are still available for the INK festival Comedy Nights - Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7:45pm. Arabella Weir, Shaparak Khorsandi & Arthur Smith bring their latest shows to INK 2022 at The Cut. Tickets online or on the door:

merlin07: I countered with but how did he know the customers all were? And he told me I had to either take the mask off or leave. The part of my grandmother who sided with the owner was played by Bea Arthur. Um...............yeah brain, thanks that was weir

heatherspohn: Tara Lipinski is dressed for a backyard party in 95° heat and Johnny Weir is dressed like Bea Arthur c. 1989 Golden Girls

kvassoisier: But Summer, winsome Summer, Holds greater stores of bliss, When all the land awakens, And blossoms at her kiss; We soon shall feel her presence, And breathe her perfumed breath, Then, Winter, dear old Winter, We will not mourn your death. (C) Arthur Weir 01/01/2000

J1872T: Lee Wallace❌ Arthur Numan ? Lee Mcculloch ? Nacho novo ? Kenny Miller❌ James Tavernier Not yet ❌ Davie Weir✅ Steve Davis✅ Jorge Albertz✅ Kris Boyd ?

rafemeyer: [Ebook] Arthur: Prince of the Roses by Alison Weir

74frankfurt: In 1836 five boys hunting for rabbits found a set of 17 miniature coffins containing small wooden figures in a cave on the crags of Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh. Their purpose has remained a mystery since the discovery.

jeremybrier: - Arthur’s grandmother told the court the family handed over pictures of bruises on the boy to the police and social services, but nothing was done - Uncle was told he could be prosecuted under *lockdown rules* if he visited Arthur We need to deal with this as a nation, urgently

boardroommv: Get your scifi fix over here at Boardroom. From Andy Weir's latest offering Project Hail Mary to The Wandering Earth - Cixin Liu's collection of short stories. We also have classics by the likes of Asimov, Douglas Adams and Arthur C Clarke.

mershdoes: A start for Abi Harrison, a striker bang in form, don't mind that at all. Looks like Boyle and Arthur will be taking up the full back roles they did against Sweden which suggests more progression with ball at feet from the back. Graham sitting to allow Weir further forward.

PixiedustJtT: A grey heron flies off after catching a fish from the Annacotty Weir, in the lower reaches of the River Mulkear, Co Limerick Credit: Brian Arthur/The Irish Times

weir_robert: As we appear on the cusp of attempting to become a multi planet species I wonder how social ethics will evolve. Will we segregate space by colour and nation as per Arthur C Clarke or will we become homogenized and one entity per Gene Roddenberry? Do we have to have ww3 first?

GirlsResults: FIXTURES - Wed 6 Oct 2021 15s South East Joelle Murray Dunbar United Colts v Hutchison Vale 15s East Caroline Weir Dryburgh Athletic v Dundee United Dundee East v Raith Rovers Raiders 15s West Chloe Arthur Drumchapel United v Port Glasgow Girls

Humanistrider: it is so ugly faced males would have an interest in White Dirty Females of Dis Weir Insane Like That who I said infraction yeah for bringing non whites to england ilegaly Operation Cornish Gentleman Fighting The French Invaders Gawain In Charge Arthur Sideluned 9

davstu11: From Referee Arthur Ellis's book 'The Final Whistle' comes Ellis with Bobby Evans before the 1959 friendly v West Germany. Scotland won 3-2 with John White, Andy Weir & Graham Leggat scoring. German captain is Helmut Rahn scorer of the winning goal in the 1958 World Cup Final.

GirlsResults: RESULTS - Sat 21 Aug 2021 17s North: Banchory 0-7 Aberdeen 15s East Caroline Weir: Raith Rovers Raiders 2-2 St James 15s West Chloe Arthur: Morton 1-3 Giffnock Blacks

JorahElAndalo: George RR Martin (8), Sapkowski (8), Tolkien (6), Dan Simmons (4), Edgar Allan Poe (4), Frank Herbert (3), Andy Weir (2), Lovecraft (2), Arthur C Clarke (2)...

B52MidnightExps: I've run out of Arthur C. Clarke novels to read. I'm currently reading Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. I've read some Phillip K. Dick works. Does anyone have recommendations for good science fiction?

silkebres: From the neck down Johnny Weir is giving me Bea Arthur vibes and I'm here for it.

marathi_bawa: 1.The Martian by Andy Weir. 2. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. ( I have lost count) 3. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. 4. Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn. (Beautiful book this one) 5. The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly.

researchtwitbo1: Jeremy Weir, executive chair of Trafigura, one of world’s largest independent oil traders, told FT Commodities Global Summit on Tuesday that he was “concerned” by lack of spending on new supply... world not ready to make leap to clean energy & complete electrification $RIG

natselrox: Recent ones: The Egg (by Andy Weir): Watch the Kurzgesagt YT video if you haven't already. The Devil and Simon Flagg (by Arthur Porges): Watch the old russian film on YT if you haven't already. Mathematical Aphrodisiac (by Alex Galt)

CWHLawSociety: We are pleased to announce two honorary members: David Morgan and Arthur Weir. Read more about their sterling contributions to our law society in our latest edition of The Central London Lawyer, accessible here:

DDTRACK7: arthur, merlin, jaskier, gwaine, lancelot, eskel, lindsay weir..

smallhistory: A very fine lot of mackerel was brought into town by Arthur Marshall. They were taken in the weir at Barton. Digby May 18 1894

alivebur: dead poets society (1989) directed by peter weir , a summary:

chowzam: Page Turners... ... Books you just couldn’t put down. Some of my favorites: Mysteries ... Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle Science Fiction ... The Martian by Andy Weir Thrillers ... Jack Ryan series by Tom Clancy What are some of your all time favorite “binge“ books?!

hothIukes: JT Yorke Arthur Pendragon Klaus Mikaelson Jem Carstairs Robb Stark Lincoln Campbell Thane Krios Bellamy Blake Kili & Fili Boromir Oberyn Martell Murtagh Fitzgibbons Ned Stark Jack Pearson Francis II of France Opie Elizabeth Weir Beth Greene Finnick Odair Sirius Black Glenn Rhee

fraveris: I turned silences and nights into words. What was unutterable, I wrote down. I made the whirling world stand still. ~ Arthur Rimbaud ~ Robert Walter Weir The poet's dream, 1830

ItsHasanfasih: I turned silences and nights into words. What was unutterable, I wrote down. I made the whirling world stand still. ~ Arthur Rimbaud ~ Robert Walter Weir The poet's dream, 1830

6ixBob: Arthur Ashe. Frances Tiafoe. James Blake. Donald Young. Bob Ryland. Yannick Noah. MaliVai Washington. Reginald Weir. Tally Holmes. Sylvester Smith. Frederick Shelton. John Lucas II. And countless others. Do research before you say dumb shit like this.

Maitropolitan: Reginald Weir, Arthur Ashe, Yannick Noah.... Just to name a few. Google is free.

arthur_affect: Remember how Andy Weir (author of The Martian) wrote a piece of fanfic that Cline thought was so good he had it included in future printings of the book About how the corporate bad guy (Nolan Sorrento) wants to destroy the OASIS because his sister died of VR addiction

arthur_affect: I dunno, Weir's version of Sorrento comes off as a hell of a lot more heroic than Wade There's no material benefit for himself - he knows for sure his corporate masters will have him assassinated as soon as he destroys the prize he was hired to retrieve, and doesn't care

amysverse_: Scotland have SO much to talent. Weir, Little, Evans, Mitchell, Beattie, Cuthbert & Arthur to name but a few.. All at the top of their game in the WSL. Its disappointing to see them fall short. :/

czopanser: Hattie Jacques and Eric Sykes in the lost episode, Sykes and a Fog, also starring Cardew Robinson, Molly Weir, Arthur Mullard, Alfred Maron, Ray Browne & Janet Bruce. After learning he is beneficiary in a will, Eric remembers wandering into another house during a heavy fog.

BoutrousTed: I have never heard of the Weir Law Group LLC.

charlesvallins8: The hot spots for bull sharks in the Gold Coast include Freshwater Point, Budds Beach, Surfers Paradise, Arthur Earle Park, Nerang River, The Gold Coast Seaway, The Monaco St bridges, Broadbeach Waters, Old Tamborine Road, Coomera River, Lake Orr, Varsity Lakes, Coomera Weir, Coo

TheAstuteReader: You love the sun and the languid breeze That gently kisses the rosebud's lips, And delight to see How the dainty bee, Stilling his gauze-winged melodies Into the lily's chalice dips. - Arthur Weir

U_Batke: The movement of lace at the brink of the weir, The gulf at the stern, The swiftness of slope, The vast sway of the current Draw the voyager through extraordinary lights And chemical change Surrounded by waters of the vale Arthur Rimbaud

gcrards: benny weir cedric diggory jughead jones and arthur rimbaud are my biggest comfort characters

CotterInc: What's it like undertaking construction in an occupied building? Check out this blog post from Kathleen Morro and Arthur Weir to learn more about Cotter's approach.

tsv100ya: Arthur Kelso with rifle, Jack Jenkins with axe, and Bert Smith holding dead goanna, at the Weir State School, ca 1920 Image: CityLibraries Townsville

linuz90: 2020 can't get any weir-

ScottSMackenzie: Arthur Graham or Peter Weir?

angling_times: Their numbers were sufficient to raise the water level enough to swim over the weir!

KevzPolitics: JUST IN - Fmr. Barbados Energy Minister & St Philip South MP under Arthur Administration Anthony Wood issues disclaimer in today's Sunday Sun distancing himself from current Agriculture Minister Indar Weir; indicating reasons for decision "will be communicated in coming months"

littlebee99: 3 of 5 stars to Arthur by Alison Weir

skint_07: Pulteney Bridge and Weir, Bath, Avon, England Rare J. Arthur Dixon Postcard

mericanhunty: the truman show (1998) dir. peter weir the last sleep of arthur in avalon (1898) edward burne-jones

piattcountyJR: Colleen Weir, 90, formerly of Atwood passed away on March 28, 2020 at Eberhardt Village in Arthur.

HattersMatters: Stockport County players born on this day - 24th February: Arthur Caldwell, George Perrins (SCAN 43) and Alex Weir (SCAN 157)

heidi_reads: 3 of 5 stars to Arthur by Alison Weir

CotterInc: Retail, corporate office, and hospitality projects have unique construction challenges. Have a project in mind? Cotter experts like Arthur Weir and Kathleen Morro can help guide the process. Learn more:

FloridaIssues: Traveling to Port Arthur, Texas, CNN’s chief climate correspondent Bill Weir demonstrated that cable news is capable of giving environmental justice the substantive attention it demands by simply listening to the concerns of the people who live there.

ofcorsie: In 2017 we lost 6-0 to England at the Euros. Line up: Fay, Arthur, Varsley, Dieke, Brown, Corsie, Brown, Crichton, Weir, Evans, Ross.

HappyMagTV: Dave Weir and Arthur Ahbez have struck musical gold on this new EP.

undertheradarnz: Tāmaki Makaurau acid-folk songwriters Arthur Ahbez and Dave Weir have unveiled a mystical four song split EP, snappily titled 'Arthur & Dave'.

jon_weir: Bea Arthur was the best thing about this. Which seems unbelievable.

ReadusOrg: The birds were twittering above, While in and out the squirrels scurried. — Arthur Weir, Snowflake and Other Poems

prisonn_break_: Happy Birthday Silas Weir Mitchell

OnePerfectShot: DEAD POETS SOCIETY (1989) Cinematography by John Seale Directed by Peter Weir What it has to say about the beat generation:

RichJLaverty: Best players don't make the best teams. Arthur not the player Weir and Little can be but she's much more suited to the role and it's killing Scotland's hopes.

LoganHeiman_: I grew up in Beaumont 20 mi north of Port Arthur. So many of my school mates were from PA. We lived under the specter of refineries, experiencing asthma, watching loved ones get cancer. People like Hilton Kelley fighting for climate justice are heroes.

LCVoters: America's biggest oil refinery is owned by a Saudi company that made $111 Billion profit last year. Meanwhile, many others in Port Arthur, TX still can’t move back into homes damaged by Harvey. The gap between polluters and individuals may only grow.

RichJLaverty: Scotland. Said full-back would be the issue and it was, but lack of Arthur baffling. My Scottish colleagues tell me she never plays CM for Scotland but neither Weir or Little able to show their best tonight asked to play so much deeper.

Nigelha23107971: Here are my player ratings for Scotland Women Alexander 9/10 Howard 7/10 Corsie 9/10 Beattie 6/10 Docherty 5/10 Murray 6/10 Weir 7/10 Emslie 4/10 Little 6/10 Evans 4/10 Cuthbert 6/10 Smith 7/10 Arthur 4/10

AnthonysSquires: Here are my player ratings for Scotland Women Alexander 5/10 Howard 7/10 Corsie 6/10 Beattie 6/10 Docherty 5/10 Murray 6/10 Weir 8/10 Emslie 8/10 Little 8/10 Evans 8/10 Cuthbert 9/10 Smith 7/10 Arthur 7/10 Arnot 7/10

Fritschner: Most of the sf books and stories I've read about the moon are, unfortunately, not that great. Arthur C. Clarke is an exception, he is good at moon fiction. Also haven't read Andy Weir's (The Martian) Artemis yet, have high hopes for that one.

RiverBrinkArt: Representation of animals has a long history in art. Visit today to view Menagerie, a collection-based exhibition depicting animals and birds by different artists. Image detail: Frederick Arthur Verner, Mastiff, 1891, Samuel E. Weir Collection. ©RiverBrink Art Museum

WCCAcCricket: So to top of a good day for academy, James Weir scored 49 for the 4s, and picked a couple of wickets. Arthur Stockhuyzen, 3-7 from 6 overs. 4s won by 120 runs.

foodandwater: The biggest oil refinery in America in Port Arthur, TX, is owned by a Saudi company that made a $111 billion profit last year. Meanwhile, neighbors haven't been able to move back since Hurricane Harvey due to unaffordable repairs to their homes.

LCVoters: America's biggest oil refinery is owned by a Saudi company that made $111 Billion profit last year. Meanwhile, many others in Port Arthur, TX still can’t move back into homes damaged by Harvey. The gap between polluters and individuals may only grow.

RichJLaverty: Cruel on Emma Mitchell who missed Euro 2017 too, but a strong Scotland squad. Beattie & Little missed 2017 while it's fair to say Arthur, Weir, Arnot, Emslie, Evans & especially Cuthbert have all come on strong since two years ago. Watch for Rosengard's Fiona Brown too.

ArabellaWeir: Here's how to book tickets -

EastFifeFC: FLASHBACK 1930 | Goals from Phil Weir, Danny Liddle, Tommy Mitchell & a double from Arthur McGachie secured a 5-2 win against Forfar Athletic at Bayview Park 89 years ago today, taking the goals scored for the season tally to 111 & overtaking Dunfermline Athletic's record of 109

WSUasa1: Scotland Lineup: Jenna Fife, Nicola Docherty, Lucy Graham, Jo Love, Zoe Ness, Caroline Weir, Jane Ross, Chloe Arthu...

AlanCamSport: Today's team v Iceland Fife Arthur Brown J Murray Docherty Love Weir Ross Graham Cuthbert Ness First starts for...

Charlotte_0: Today I'm writing about Sir Ronald Ross's network of physician-poets. It's fascinating reading his correspondence w...

TheStarrcasm: Top 5 Books I Read in 2018: 5. Born a Crime, Trevor Noah 4. Annihilation, Jeff VanderMeer 3. 2001: A Space Odyssey...

Sherlocker2: Michael Farrell, Eamonn McCann, Mitch McLaughlin, Eileen Weir on Panel Chaired by Prof Paul Arthur on Human Rights...

brendanjharkin: NEXT UP. A panel discussion chaired by Professor Paul Arthur. Panellists are: Michael Farrell Eamonn McCann Eileen...

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