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  • Winter And Summer
    Come Winter, merry Winter,
    Rejoice while yet you may,
    For nearer, ever nearer,
    Fair Summer draws each day,...
  • Welcoming The New Year
    We gathered, a jovial party,
    Together on New Year's eve,
    To welcome the coming monarch
    And to see the old one leave,...
  • To One Who Loves Red Roses
    When our lives were in their springtime and our souls were in the bud,
    While the watchful world was silent, heeding not such childish love,
    I poured forth for thee my heart-thoughts in a sweet, unthinking flood,
    Like a bird that carols freely in the grove....
  • The Wife
    There stands a cottage by a river side,
    With rustic benches sloping eaves beneath,
    Amid a scene of mountain, stream and heath.
    A dainty garden, watered by the tide,...
  • The Spirit Song
    Chastened by grief, Ben Horad holier grew,
    And, uncomplaining, toiled from day to day.
    His sad, sweet smile his loving flock well knew,
    His kindly voice their sorrows charmed away;...
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Alancamsport: given there are only 48 hours between the two games, i'd expect a team along these lines: gibson or fife; mclauchlan, corsie, k clark, docherty; arthur*, murray; brown, weir, emslie; thomas * only one who played on sat, but subbed in second half
Gamesbutalsoart: is this art? the game ducktales but with overall direction by peter weir and in-game lore by arthur conan doyle.
Grayranger3: so, since “life, the universe, and everything” established that reincarnated souls don’t necessarily experience time in the same order, could it be that there is a situation like in andy weir’s “the egg” and arthur dent himself is actually also agrajag?
Today_in_music: playlist a day for 2022-10-16
Scorpiobets1: - morecambe could be missing as many as eight players such: arthur gnahoua, jake taylor, liam shaw, jon obika, jensen weir (doubtful), caleb watts (doubtful)... - burton are without such: tom hamer, cameron borthwick-jackson, sam winnall (doubtful) and mustapha carayol (doubtful)
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