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  • Winter And Summer
    Come Winter, merry Winter,
    Rejoice while yet you may,
    For nearer, ever nearer,
    Fair Summer draws each day,...
  • Welcoming The New Year
    We gathered, a jovial party,
    Together on New Year's eve,
    To welcome the coming monarch
    And to see the old one leave,...
  • To One Who Loves Red Roses
    When our lives were in their springtime and our souls were in the bud,
    While the watchful world was silent, heeding not such childish love,
    I poured forth for thee my heart-thoughts in a sweet, unthinking flood,
    Like a bird that carols freely in the grove....
  • The Wife
    There stands a cottage by a river side,
    With rustic benches sloping eaves beneath,
    Amid a scene of mountain, stream and heath.
    A dainty garden, watered by the tide,...
  • The Spirit Song
    Chastened by grief, Ben Horad holier grew,
    And, uncomplaining, toiled from day to day.
    His sad, sweet smile his loving flock well knew,
    His kindly voice their sorrows charmed away;...
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  • Marathi_bawa: 1.the martian by andy weir. 2. the da vinci code by dan brown. ( i have lost count) 3. the adventures of sherlock holmes by arthur conan doyle. 4. transfer of power by vince flynn. (beautiful book this one) 5. the brass verdict by michael connelly.
  • Researchtwitbo1: jeremy weir, executive chair of trafigura, one of world’s largest independent oil traders, told ft commodities global summit on tuesday that he was “concerned” by lack of spending on new supply... world not ready to make leap to clean energy & complete electrification $rig
  • Natselrox: recent ones: the egg (by andy weir): watch the kurzgesagt yt video if you haven't already. the devil and simon flagg (by arthur porges): watch the old russian film on yt if you haven't already. mathematical aphrodisiac (by alex galt)
  • Cwhlawsociety: we are pleased to announce two honorary members: david morgan and arthur weir. read more about their sterling contributions to our law society in our latest edition of the central london lawyer, accessible here:
  • Ddtrack7: arthur, merlin, jaskier, gwaine, lancelot, eskel, lindsay weir..
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That what they get they ever do retain?
Play not the tyrant, but take some remorse;
Rebate thy spleen, if but for pity's sake;
Or, cruel, if thou canst not, let us 'scourse,
And, for one piece of thine, my whole heart take.

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