Archibald Macleish Wind Poems

  • 1.
    First there is the wind but not like the familiar wind but long and without lapses or falling away or surges of air as is usual but rather like the persistent pressure of a river or a running tide.

    This wind is from the other side and has an odor unlike the odor of the winds with us but like time if time had odor and were cold and carried a bitter and sharp taste like rust on the taste of snow or the fragrance of thunder.

  • 2.
    Think of our blindness where the water burned!
    Are we so certain that those wings, returned
    And turning, we had half discerned
    Before our dazzled eyes had surely seen
  • 3.
    To R. L.

    NEITHER her voice, her name,
    Eyes, quietness neither,
  • 4.
    This poem is for my wife.
    I have made it plainly and honestly:
    The mark is on it
    Like the burl on the knife.
  • 5.
    I speak this poem now with grave and level voice
    In praise of autumn, of the far-horn-winding fall.

    I praise the flower-barren fields, the clouds, the tall
  • 6.
    for Learned and Augustus Hand

    You, my friends, and you strangers, all of you,
    Stand with me a little by the walls
  • 7.
    The star dissolved in eveningâ??the one star
    The silently
    and night O soon now, soon
    And still the light now
  • 8.
    There is no dusk to be,
    There is no dawn that was,
    Only there's now, and now,
    And the wind in the grass.
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