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"William Atheling" redirects here. For the author who wrote under the pen-name William Atheling, Jr., see James Blish. American poet and critic Ezra Pound photographed in 1913 by Alvin Langdon Coburn Ezra Weston Loomis Pound (30 Octob...
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Ezra Pound Poems

  • Rome
    Ô nouveau venu qui cherche Rome à Rome
    Et ne trouvez à Rome rien que vous ne puissiez appeler romain;
    Arches usées et palais rendus communs
    Seul le nom de Rome entre ces murs reste à la maison. ...
  • Rom
    O du Neuling, der Rom in Rom sucht
    Und finde in Rom nichts, was du als römisch bezeichnen kannst;
    Alt getragene Bögen und gemeinsame Paläste
    Roms Name allein innerhalb dieser Mauern bleibt zu Hause. ...
  • Roma
    ¡Oh tú, recién llegado que buscas Roma en Roma!
    Y no encuentras en Roma nada que puedas llamar romano;
    Arcos viejos y palacios hechos comunes
    El nombre de Roma solo dentro de estos muros guarda su hogar. ...
  • Tenzone
    Will people accept them?
    (i.e. these songs).
    As a timorous wench from a centaur
    (or a centurion), ...
  • La Fraisne
    For I was a gaunt, grave councillor
    Being in all things wise, and very old,
    But I have put aside this folly and the cold
    That old age weareth for a cloak. ...
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Comments about Ezra Pound

  • Virotechnics: i have curled mid the boles of the ash wood, i have hidden my face where the oak spread his leaves over me, and the yoke of the old ways of men have i cast aside. —ezra pound, “la fraisne”
  • Dean_frey: love this drawing of ezra pound zbigniew libera made it in 2004 from two richard avedon portraits: the face from his 1958 shot of pound, & the hands of charlie chaplin, from 1952.
  • Dean_frey: here are the sources ezra pound & charlie chaplin by richard avedon
  • Dean_frey: norma stevens tells the story of richard avedon's 1958 photo shoot in rutherford, new jersey with ezra pound, whom "he baited by announcing, just before clicking the shutter, 'i think you should know that i am a jew.'"
  • Mallerjour: eliot said, “if you can cut out the keynes and shorten the paper to not more than 6,000 words i should be very glad to print it" ezra pound said, "what the hell you want to run flint for i dunno"
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Beatrice. (From Dante. Purgatorio, Xxx., Xxxi.)
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Shall rise up quickened, each one from his grave,
Wearing again the garments of the flesh,
So, upon that celestial chariot,
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ad vocem tanti senis
Ministers and messengers of life eternal.

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